Windell’s | Session 5 Skateboarding

Session 5 Skateboarding, 2014 from Windells on Vimeo.

Session 5 had the biggest group of campers so far. We spent plenty of time shredding the Concrete Jungle, BOB, the High Cascade skatepark as well as parks at Hood River, Bingen, Newberg and Battleground, WA. We’ve just passed the halfway point for Summer 2014 but there is still time to sign up for Skateboard Camp!

Featured Riders: Jamie Weller, Eric Denier, Nick Kenney, Casey Tratz, Matt Melo, Ozzy Henning, Robby Frank, and Windells Academy student Khanyiso Booi Click here to read the rest

90′s Skateboarding | Victor NY

To watch this brings me way back…. I had cousins that lived in Victor and was only a few towns over, which felt like states back then. From time to time, I would skate in the village of Victor. We would skateboard behind the Chase bank in Victor, which was their local spot. Thats where I met Kevin Fladd and the Fraser brothers in Victor, like 92-93ish? Watching this video of the Victor dudes reminds me of how tight their posse was, but always down to let others in on their local spots.

It was a different time then and this video captures the Rochester NY suburban skate scene of the early 90′s. Click here to read the rest

High Cascade Snowboard Camp | Session 2 & 3 Demo Reports

The fine gentlemen of HCSC demo center have sent out the reports for the 2014 Summer Session 2 & 3. Take the time to look through this, as we are getting closer and closer to Fall 2014 hitting your local shops floor. Use these reports with the buyers guides coming out in the Fall to make an educated purchase at your local shop. Whats happening at the summer camps is an indication on whats trending and whats holding up under foot.

Summer of 2014’s Screw Crew is made up of Myles Soderstrom Demo center Manager from Chico, Ca; Andrew Kelly (aka) AK Demo agent from Baltimore, Maryland; and James “Jimmi” Thomas Demo Assistant from Wilmington, Delaware. Click here to read the rest